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I'm an 19 year old aspiring, award winning filmmaker, who has been making films and photography for 5 years. I have been a dedicated since I was 13 and knew this is what I wanted to do, growing and devoting myself  to my craft.  I am very diverse with my work, being able to adapt my skills into all different areas of media, from short films, actions sports, music videos, weddings and more .

I started  with a small camera, filming my friends and as I  grew  so did my skills and I soon became hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to do.  Filming gave me direction. Being dyslexic it allowed my creativity to blossom and freed me from academical constraints. I now shoot my projects with a high-end, Netflix approved FX6 and b camera including the A7sii and have  a very extensive technical knowledge  of camera equipment and understanding of the film-making process .

My breakout film was my first music video "Shots" with Shamefaced (2022) earning four accolades including, BEST MUSIC VIDEO  in the London student International Film Festival. I have also been nominated for several other awards, the first  being when i was just 15 , for a mountain biking documentary .



MacBook Pro 

Adobe Premier Pro 

After Effects 

Epidemic Sound 

Story Blocks 

Sony FX6

Sony A7S2

DJI Mavic air 2 

Panasonic vdc d160

Panasonic hx-dc3


Tilta Nucleus-M Lens Control Kit

Sachtler Aktiv6 Flowtech75 MS

Sony g master 24 to 105mm 

Sigma 50mm f1.2

TILTA car mounting rig 

DJI ronin rs3 pro 

PAVO nano tube light



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